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Injury And Pain Treatment

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The Broadway Clinic’s Accident Care specializes in auto and personal injuries, as well as bio-injection therapy for pain treatment.  Not only are we the most experienced accident clinic in Oklahoma City, TBC Accident Care provides medical treatment at no out-of-pocket medical cost to you. We bill the liable insurance party and handle all your paperwork. For the best accident care services, call TBC Accident Care today!


Steve E. Randall, M.D.

“Helping patients recover from their auto accident injuries is my top priority.”

Todd F. Farris, D.C.

“It’s my passion to educate patients about health and wellness.”

Ron D. Brown, Jr., D.C.

“It is always great to help those who have been injured recover and return to a normal life.”

Kory Reed, PA-C, MHS

“I love working with patients, helping them overcome injuries and get back to their everyday lives.”

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