Why Bio-Injection

So, you have had a car accident. Thankfully, no one sustained any major injuries, and the insurance companies have agreed to pay for both vehicles. All things considered, if there were such a thing as a successful car accident, this would be it (except for that lingering neck and back pain that won’t go away). So, what are the best ways to ease the pain you’re experiencing?

The most common and traditional way for people to ease their pain and help their nerves is through the use of an MRI machine to locate the source of pain, usually a nerve, and then physical therapy. Physical therapy is a process in which a patient visits a trained professional who discusses a patient’s injuries, combines this with the medical report they were given and creates a regimen. The patient has regularly scheduled visits and a variety of different exercises to engage in daily until their pain is gone and body is properly aligned.

A problem that can hamper a person’s progress is the amount of pain they are in. If the nerve or painful area in question hurts excessively then a patient might be unable to perform their exercises or it may slow down their progress. A substitute treatment is Bio Injection Therapy.

This process is designed to significantly ease the pain in a patient through injecting the painful area with natural compounds consisting of plants, minerals, vitamins and extracts. This treatment has a 90% rate of success and can even help boost the immune system. If you need physical therapy then this treatment can make your exercises significantly easier, or if you are not in need then it can be the solution that you so crave.

If your pain is too much to bear, hampering your progress in physical therapy or you are looking for something swifter than traditional methods to ease your pain, TBC Accident Care is more than happy to help ease your pain and restore you to how you were before your car accident.