How Do You Know?

The office of a medical professional usually isn’t a place people walk into smiling. It is more often a place people avoid and tell themselves they don’t need to go because they convince themselves their symptoms are insignificant or ailments are imaginary. Often it takes something significant or the perceived threat of something significant to bring someone to visit a medical professional. A car accident, though, will undoubtedly bring someone to face a professional in a white lab coat, but what about after the first visit? When all the major injuries are taken care of and you’re healed, but pain still lingers?

After everything is taken care of weeks or months later if the pain still lingers in your lower back and neck many people will brush it off for a period of time until it becomes bad enough that action needs to be taken. Why though? Why endure irritation or pain if you don’t need to. A visit to TBC Accident Care can ease the pain, and in the case of lower back and neck pain, bio injection therapy might be the best course of action.

Bio injection therapy is a simple solution of all-natural compounds that when injected into the tender area brings quick relief. This is important because firstly, none of the compounds are synthetic. All of them can be found in nature. Secondly, an MRI machine can sometimes miss the ‘where’ and ‘why’ of pain. The solution you are given covers the entire area relieving about 90% of patients in a swift manner.

Bio-injection is not just for car accident-related injuries. It can also assist with muscle spasms, sports injuries, shingles and so much more. A game of pickup basketball gone wrong, lifting something to a high shelf or even looking down at your phone too much can put large amounts of strain on your lower back and neck.

Bio injection therapy can also help with physical therapy. It can numb the pain or lessen the pain to allow you to complete your exercises without so much resistance or make stretching the painful area easier. That can in turn speed your overall recovery.

So, if you have been in a car accident, have been injured in a sport, or have any kind of pain and are still experiencing issues in your lower back and neck, bio-injection therapy could be the saving grace you desire. TBC Accident Care has experts at the ready for when you decide to visit us. Your pain relief could be just a phone call away.