For many, the summer months are times for recreation and relaxation, and there is more time for fun outdoor adventures and activities. However, with an increase in activities comes an increase in accidents.

With the warmer weather comes more desire to spend time outside, which also means a variety of accidents can occur over the summer months, including water-related, vehicular, sports-related and weather-related accidents. In order to prevent injury, check out these tips for staying safe in the summer sun:

  1. As fun as they may be, swimming pools can also be very dangerous. The potential for slips, falling, drowning, and breaking bones increase on these sites. Make sure to never run around the pool where it may be wet. Also, make sure there is always supervision, especially for children, as drowning is a common unintentional death during the summer months.
  2. Congestion on the roads increases during the summer as more people pack up and travel. While vehicle accidents vary upon what type of vehicle is being used, they all have their own risks, and smaller vehicles are prone to having more damage in an accident. In order to lessen your risk of a vehicular accident, make sure to…
    • Be aware of your surroundings at all times: NO texting and driving
    • Check to see if your vehicle is up to date on repairs
    • Refrain from driving if you are very tired
    • Check that you and all passengers are wearing their seat belts
    • Wear a helmet, arm and knee pads if you are a motorcyclist or cyclist
  1. Minor and major injuries can occur from sports-related injuries during the warmer summer months. Make sure to wear the appropriate protection on your body while you play, including a helmet, arm/knee pads, shin guards, and whatever else might be applicable.
  2. With extra sun and heat comes more potential for heatstroke and sunburns. While the main way to avoid these is to stay out of the sun, sunblock and hydration help reduce the severity of such conditions. If you plan on seeing or setting off fireworks, make sure that everyone is a safe distance away from the launch area. Also, make sure all food is sealed tightly while outside so it stays fresh and edible.

Summer is meant to be enjoyable, and we want to help ensure that it is for you! With these tips in mind, we hope to help you reduce your risk of accidents and injuries during this summer and all summers to come. Remember, TBC Accident Care is always a call away, and immediate appointments are available.