Do You Have "Text Neck?"

Smartphones. Over the past decade they have become a hot topic which has slowly consumed our lives. They have major upsides, like more convenience and saving time, but they also come with their drawbacks too. Some argue they make people antisocial, decrease attention span and can cause over spending. Whether you have a smartphone or not, your life and social interactions are affected by them; however, they are now starting to affect your neck and back as well.

“Text neck” refers to when your neck and back become strained from spending a long period of time looking down at your phone. When this happens for an extended period it can cause muscle spasms, severe back pain and some believe it can lead to early onset of arthritis in adults (Shoshany). It is fairly easy to treat if caught early enough. Regular stretching and a periodic break from your phone can ease the pain and, eventually, it will go away.

Now, you might be laughing at the seemingly silly concept of “text neck,” and it can be amusing to think about- the thought that simply looking at my phone for a little too long can cause pain. However, it isn’t always just from your phone. Reading, for example, is another primary cause of pain. It isn’t specifically texting that’s at fault, but it can put many backs and necks over the edge. The problem is more common than one may realize. A recent study shows that about 79 percent or 8 out of 10 adults have this issue (Shoshany). That isn’t the larger problem, though.

The larger problem is when this bad habit starts at a young age. When children have access to smartphones, tablets and so many other devices this issue can start to take effect early on, leading to much larger problems when they reach adulthood. It’s important for all of us, young and old, to take a break every now and again during the day to stretch and put the phone down.

Unfortunately, there will be some people reading this who already have text neck or an irritated back and neck region. For them, the solution is simple: The Broadway Clinic. We have medical professionals at the ready to help cure and relieve your pain. Our bio-injection therapy has a 90 percent success rate when it comes to pain relief. Relief can be just one call away.

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