Many people feel relieved that the dangerous winter weather is over. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to relax. With spring showers and wet conditions, driving is more hazardous than ever. The only way to protect yourself is to prepare for the worst. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of the highway during a rainstorm, when more accidents occur.  

Take these tips to heart and your mind can be more at ease this summer… 

  1. Look at your tires 

Check your tire with a tire gauge before beginning a trip and also make sure you have plenty of tread to detour accidents during spring showers. Additionally, warm temperatures can inflate your tires to the max if you’re not careful. If you add on some vacation luggage to the mix, the risk of getting a flat will jump. Because of this, know your tire pressure and protect against that inconvenient possibility.  

  1. Know your vehicle’s weight capacity 

Much like the last tip, figure out how much weight will be in your car and also how much weight your car can actually take (including objects and humans). This is definitely important for spring and summer vacations. If you don’t already know what that capacity is, look in your owner’s manual. It should have any information about it that you need. 

  1. Kids and pets come first, always! 

Do NOT let your kids or pets stay in a car unattended. The heat can cook your vehicle faster than you could imagine. Never let this happen. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe at all times. 

  1. Be aware of construction 

The warmer weather allows for a greater amount of construction projects on the roads. Always be on the lookout for this, no matter what street, road, or highway you’re on. Look for signs to know how fast you should be driving and also be attentive to any workers or people that might be crossing the road.  

  1. Be alert 

One of the most important tips for driving is be alert. Pay attention at all times and watch for hazardous conditions. Most importantly, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. 

With these tips in mind, you and your family will be much more prepared for any summer driving dangers you could encounter. If you or anyone you know is in an accident in the Oklahoma City area, visit TBC Accident Care immediately. Their physicians will take of you and treat any injuries you might have. Immediate appointments available.