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Bio Injection Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Why do athletes use injection therapy?

An athlete with chronic lower back pain and inflammation, for example, can use Traumeel injections to treat that inflammation and swelling. Other conditions that athletes often treat are: hip pain, pelvic pain, tendinitis and joint pain.

How is inflammation treated?

Although an initial increase in blood flow to an injured area (like the lower back) is good for healing, the body sometimes overdoes it. When that happens, excessive inflammation and swelling can actually undo the good effects. Traumeel, which is a type of trigger point injection, decreases the swelling, lowers the pain and brings back the benefits of healing.

How long has injection therapy been around?

Traumeel, specifically, is made of a botanical extract and has been used more than 80 years.

Can I receive this treatment in Oklahoma?

Yes. In the past, athletes had to travel to Europe to get this treatment. Now it is accessible in the United States.Anyone in the Oklahoma City area can access these treatments at The Broadway Clinic Accident Care.

Can I treat my arthritis, back pain, or neck pain?

Yes. Broadway Bio is an injection using homeopathic medicine that is safely applied for pain treatment, particularly for people with arthritis, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sprains, etc. The injections cause your immune system to react. By doing so, bio injection can help stimulate your body’s natural healing. And, because the injections are applied directly to the region of pain, the healing process responds more quickly.

What else can injection therapy treat?

Injection therapy can actually treat a surprising range of ailments. Many people during the winter season look for natural ways to prevent the flu and colds. Because of its ability to stimulate the immune system, injections can protect you from colds, influenza and viruses in general.

Why is injection therapy a better way to manage pain?

Pain is a sign from your body that something is not right. Injection therapy allows patients to relieve the pain without taking painkillers. When this is possible, it is a safer and more natural way to address the condition, the discomfort and the solution.

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